Discover Beaches of Barcelona

Discover Beaches of Barcelona

The 10 most beautiful beaches in and around Barcelona

Kissed by the sun for 12 months a year, Barcelona is a city full of young people and full of life, and a pole of attraction for lovers of shopping, design, art and architecture (especially modernist). But when summer arrives … most of Barcelona’s (and tourists) flock out of town to one of the many beaches in Catalonia that can be easily reached from Barcelona.

There are so many beaches around Barcelona to choose from, both moving north, on the Costa Brava, and south, along the Costa Dorada. To help you in your choice, we have collected in this article the most beautiful beaches in Barcelona and its surroundings, in Catalonia, almost all of which can be easily reached by train, bus or car… in an hour or so from the city center.

1. Barceloneta

We could not start the list of the most beautiful beaches in Barcelona if not starting from the most famous city beach and the most loved by the locals ! Well yes, let’s talk about her, the Barceloneta beach, that strip of golden sand that starts from the unmistakable Hotel W (the one in the shape of a sail, a super-luxury hotel) which is located right in front of the barrio of the same name. It is one of the oldest beaches in the city and is also the most crowded, thanks to the proximity of many bars, restaurants and chiringuitos. The beach is free, but you have the possibility to rent an umbrella and deck chairs for a fee (the price is around 10 euros). To reach it you have to take the yellow metro line L4 to the stop Barceloneta and then walk 10 minutes on foot.

2. Nova Mar Bella and Playa de Levant

If you don’t want to stray too far from Barcelona, but want to avoid Barceloneta, the last two city beaches might be for you. You can always reach them with the yellow line L4 of the metro, getting off at the Selva de Mar stop. They are quieter beaches with always calm waters therefore also suitable for those traveling as a family with children in tow. Here too you will find the rental of umbrellas and deck chairs, toilets and showers and chiringuiti to drink and eat something. And if by chance you find yourself there on the first weekend of the month, you can visit the Palo Alto Market, a market based on the concepts of recycling and sustainability that takes place in a former factory in Carrer dels Pellaires 30.

3. Sitges

Moving a little further from the center of Barcelona, with 30 minutes by train you can reach the town of Sitges, which is located on the Costa Dorada, inside the Garraf Park. Sitges is famous for its colorful Carnival, for being one of the most gay-friendly cities in Spain and for its many beautiful beaches. The train from Barcelona leaves you right in the city center (which is still worth seeing), then from there you can walk (or taxi) to the various beaches. Among the most beautiful are certainly the small beaches of Playa Desenrocata (or Playa Roses), frequented by a mixed clientele, and Playa del Platja de l’Home Mort, exclusively gay, which are located about 45 minutes walk from the center of Sitges. Access to these beaches is not very easy, because they are nestled among the cliffs of the Garraf park, but it’s worth it! To get there you have to walk along the seafront towards Vilanova y Geltrù and, once you reach the golf course, walk directly on the pebble beach to the point where you meet the railway. From there, take the path that runs alongside the railway (watch out for the speeding trains!).

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4. Lloret de Mar

Lloret de Mar is undoubtedly the most famous and popular tourist resort on the Costa Brava and in the Barcelona region in general, especially for those who love the “fiesta” and beaches. It is very popular with young and very young people, who mainly go to the main beach ( Platja de Lloret ) which overlooks the city promenade and is full of clubs. However, if you are looking for beautiful beaches that are less crowded and without deafening music, Lloret also has many coves that are real corners of paradise: white sand, transparent water and unspoiled nature. Among the latter certainly we must mention Platja de Fenals, awarded several times with the Blue Flag, which is 15 minutes walk from the main beach and Cala Sa Boadella (there are no bars or restaurants here, so bring your own!). To reach Lloret de Mar from Barcelona the most convenient way is the bus that leaves Estaciò del Norte (metro red line L1 to Arc de Triomf). The journey takes about 1h 15′.

5. Tossa de Mar

The same bus from Barcelona that stops in Lloret de Mar, arrives a few minutes later also in Tossa del Mar, a location certainly more exclusive than the previous one and also full of beautiful beaches. Tossa del Mar is a small fishing village with an important medieval past, testified by the ancient village and the imposing castle that overlooks the city. However, Tossa del Mar also has several beautiful beaches in the surroundings which make it attractive even for those looking only for the beach life. The main beach, Platja Gran, is not bad at all, and is undoubtedly the most accessible from the country (the only downside is that in high season it can get quite crowded). Among the nearby coves that are worth seeing there are certainly Cala Bona (which is about 2 kilometers away, 45 minutes on foot) and the nearby coves of Pola and Giverola. In all three cases you will have to walk a path to reach the beaches, which are not exactly easy to access.