Travelling During Pandemic: Our Experience With Randox London

Travelling During Pandemic: Our Experience With Randox London

During the Coronavirus outbreak, travel guides have gained more popularity. People search for travel guides that give important information about different places all over the world, the rules and health measures that should be aware of and more. And this is why I decided to write one myself and share with you my latest travel experience in London. By reading this travel guide before you will be able to learn everything you should know about a specific destination, in our case London. The internet has made it very easy no for people to find all the information they need in regards to their journey by simply searching on a popular search engine such as Google. There are many governmental resources as well available that offer updated information on travel rules.

Planning Is Key


Before buying a plane ticket and making accommodation arrangements it is essential that you consider all the ‘new rules’ applicable to travelling during Covid-19. You should have a plan with everything scheduled in advance and stick to it. Now being punctual really pays off. You should have your covid-19 arrangements be prepared in advance and know exactly what you are looking for in terms of testing. Make sure to double-check what tests are required for the country you intend to visit. Research the test providers thoroughly by using website reviews and testimonials. You need to keep in mind that the time factor is very important, and should they have any delays in analysing your tests then your journey might be severely affected. Some of the factors that will have an influence on your choice include the test’s price, its reliability, its locations and the provider’s reputation. It can be a good idea to visit forums and review sites where customers can comment and provide reviews about their various products and services just to have a more complex understanding. This will allow you to get an idea of the pros and cons of a specific test provider before you book it.


Once you have decided on the type of test and the provider you wish to purchase it is important that you know where to find it. If you are planning a trip to London then we suggest looking for central locations as it will be more convenient and less time-consuming.  I have chosen to use covid-19 tests supplied by Randox London because of all the factors I just mentioned above. Also, it is highly recommended to buy packages from the beginning rather than single tests for arrival and departure as it is often cheaper to buy a  package and be assured that your Covid-19 testing is all taken care of. Also, having both your tests at the same location makes it easier and quicker to prepare and arrange your travel plans.

Why Randox London?

There are many websites that specialize in providing travellers with information on where to find the best Covid-19 tests. These websites are usually independent and so you will often find the most current prices available. This means that you can plan your trip much easier and can make informed decisions about where you want to go for your Covid-19 testing. Furthermore, on the official governmental website, you can also find info about prices and locations, however, they are not often updated and sometimes prices stated there are misleading. That is why I chose Randox London, with transparent prices and easy to understand instructions, my vacation went as planned with no extra ‘surprises ‘.

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How To Book A Covid-19Test With Randox London?

The next thing you need to do is familiarize yourself with all the information provided on their website about the testing procedure and location. Before you purchase your travelling test package it is important to make sure that you have read the guidance provided and that you are ok with it. Booking a Covid-19 test with Randox London is very straightforward, it can be done on the phone or directly on their website, just make sure you have all the personal details needed at hand.

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Final Words

Always choose a location that relates to the type of trip that you are planning and is close to the place you will be staying. For instance, if you are travelling to London on a budget then you can definitely opt for at-home testing which can be done in your hotel by a family member or yourself. The guide for Covid-19 testing Randox London offers is very easy to follow and execute. Also, the price range of the at-home test you purchase will depend on whether you have it done at a testing centre or at home, so keep that in mind. Still, when you are performing a Covid-19 test for the first time you will have to do some research to make sure that you are doing everything correctly.


Finally, remember that a good quality travelling guide can be used as a reference in more ways than just deciding what testing provider to use and where to stay. A good guide can be used as a map or checklist of the essential things to take with you. It may also be useful when planning a trip and giving directions. The last thing you need is to get lost!