When To Replace Your Double Glazing Windows

When To Replace Your Double Glazing Windows

There are a few signs you can check out which will indicate when it is time to replace your windows. If you’ve noticed that a window pane has cracked, it’s time to replace it. Old windows can lose their energy efficiency, causing your home heating and cooling systems to work overtime. They may also become drafty, making the temperature in your home fluctuate. And if the windows are outdated, they can lead to the deterioration of wood frames. If you are in Glasgow and notice any of these signs check out Glasgow double glazing companies offering window replacement services.

So how can you tell when it’s time to replace your windows?  Read this blog to find out.

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Drafty windows change the temperature in your home

You may notice that your home feels cooler during winters than in summers, but that does not necessarily mean that your windows are the cause. Rather, drafty windows can cause moisture problems in your home, which can lead to mould growth and other health problems. Moisture also causes damage to your walls, floors, and ceilings, and can even create an environment that is ideal for harmful mould spores. Replacing your old windows may be the best solution to this problem.

If you have cheap double glazing windows, you may notice that they are prone to drafts due to their wood or vinyl frames. This is because certain materials contract when it is warm and expand when it is cold, allowing outside air to get inside your home. To avoid this problem, choose high-quality wood or aluminium windows. They will be more durable and last longer. A window treatment like weather-stripping is another way to keep your home warmer during the winter.

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Wooden frames are prone to wear and tear

While metal and acrylic frames tend to be resistant to wear and tear, wooden frames are susceptible to stains and damage from the elements. The frame can also become warped, splintered, or even rot. Consequently, it is important to take the time to care for these materials. If you do not, you run the risk of damaging your Glasgow double glazing windows.

Here are a few tips to maintain wooden frames.

Regular cleaning is essential to maintain wooden frames. Over-cleaning may cause more damage than good. Dusting with a feather duster or soft cloth is recommended. Do not use cleaning chemicals or water to clean wooden frames. If your wooden frame is showing signs of wear and tear, you can treat it with special wood cleaners and wood polish. In most cases, though, a simple dusting will do the trick.

Replacement windows increase sound abatement

The STC rating of replacement windows depends on a number of factors. For example, windows made of wood or aluminium generally perform better than those made from vinyl or plastic. The thickness of the glass and the distance between the panes also play a part. Some manufacturers claim that their windows have chambers to minimize sound transmission. The thickness of the glass may not increase the STC rating, but it will help in reducing noise levels.

In hurricane-prone areas, standard replacement windows are made of laminated glass, which helps in sound abatement. This glass is typically thicker and more impact resistant. Many sound-controlling windows also contain gas fills between panes. These materials can reduce sound transmission by up to half. Choosing a replacement window that includes these features is the best way to lower noise levels while still preserving the beauty of your home.

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Cost of replacement windows

A good estimate of the cost of replacement windows should include the price of installing new window stops and fiberglass insulation between the window opening. Depending on the quality of the new window and the accessories used, the cost of replacement windows may differ significantly. You should consult a home designer if you have any questions about the window you plan to purchase.

Labour charges for replacement windows usually range from £30 to £65 an hour. Generally, labour costs are more expensive in urban areas. Getting more windows installed at one time may reduce the overall cost. If your home has historical windows, custom window replacement is more expensive than standard replacement windows. Nevertheless, window replacement will add value to your home. The price of replacement windows depends on the size and number of windows that need replacement. If you want to get historical-style windows, you should be prepared to pay at least twice that amount.